USF PRSSA Introduces Peer Mentorship Program

We’re excited to launch the inaugural USF PRSSA Peer Mentorship Program! This program will connect students with similar professional interests in an effort to build exciting new relationships and expand professional networks. Students are assigned a peer as a mentor or mentee based on individual questionnaires.


Everyone’s schedule is different, but we require for mentors and mentees to meet a minimum of three times per semester. It doesn’t have to be formal – feel free to grab lunch or coffee with your mentor/mentee, or meet at the library during a break!

We want both parties to gain from this program. If at any time, mentors or mentees feel like the other person isn’t taking things seriously, cancelling meetings without warning or refusing to meet outside of PRSSA, then that person will be removed from the program.

Here are a few tips to break the ice:

1. Be honest. You have a lot to offer your mentee, including common professional interests and common PR classes. You can help your mentee avoid some of the bad professors, lousy assignments and harsh rejections you faced. If you’re in the same grade and experiencing these challenges together, team up!
2. Call on your contacts. You may know people who could provide your mentee with amazing opportunities that they aren’t even aware of. Your mentee may be able to repay the favor someday!
3. Be yourself. You have been matched up for a good reason, and the reason is that you and your mentee are equally awesome.

1. Be straightforward. Let your mentor know a bit more about your interests and where you see yourself in the next 5 years. Being honest about your goals and what you’d like to get out of the program up front will help them help you.
2. This relationship is a two way street. If you have connections that might benefit your mentor, share them! If you have suggestions for your mentor, speak up! Good relationships are mutually beneficial.
3. Be yourself. You’re bringing a lot to the table, too. This isn’t a Master to Padawan arrangement. It’s a friendship!

Connect with your mentor or mentee on social media! Remember: when phones fail, Twitter speaks.

Contact USF PRSSA Secretary Holly Lanier ( with any questions, concerns, or if you’d like to join the USF PRSSA Peer Mentorship Program!

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