National Dues

As a chapter, USF PRSSA does not charge dues – all of our general body meetings, tours, socials and most events are free and open to all USF students. However, in order to become a nationally-affiliated PRSSA member and take full advantage of PRSSA member benefits, there is a $50 annual fee.

Here are a few reasons to renew or begin your membership:

  • The Society is growing: We are up to more than 11,570 members nationwide and counting. With just $50, your network could expand over night.
  • Support from PRSA: Each PRSSA Chapter has a sponsor PRSA Chapter – ours is PRSA Tampa Bay. If you want mentors, job leads and career advice, look no further than the PRSSA network.
  • Employers look for PRSSA experience: It’s not enough just to be in PRSSA. You also need to take advantage the member benefits and get involved on a Chapter level or nationally. Only current members can do this.
  • Instant access to the PRSSA Internship Center, PRSA Jobcenter and eligibility in more than $20,000 in merit scholarships.

If you’re ready to take your public relations education to the next level, pay your annual PRSSA dues — and convince your friends to do the same.

Contact chapter treasurer Kaylea Schule ( for more details. The deadline is Thursday November 1st.


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