Star-Spangled Banquet: Elections Time!


Get ready to don your most patriotic apparel: we’re hosting a Star-Spangled Banquet to celebrate the end of the semester and elect our new officers!

Our banquet will be held in BSN 222 (the multipurpose room) on April 16 at 6:45 pm. Come dressed in your red, white and blue – we’ll be playing games, signing cards for veterans, and electing next semester’s officers! There will also be free food!

Here are the executive board positions that are open:

Vice President

The vice president works closely with the president and events coordinator to make sure all chapter events are going according to plan. The main job duties include:

  • Assist the current President in coordinating and directing activities
  • Recommend to the President goals,  plans and programs for the benefit of the chapter; scheduling of speakers for general body meetings
  • Evaluate meetings and make adjustments as needed
  • Network and make contacts with possible speakers throughout the semester


The secretary will serve as a record-keeper for the chapter as well as assist the rest of the executive board in planning. Main job duties include:

  • Record minutes of all executive board meetings and distribute them appropriately
  • Maintain records of chapter operations and activities
  • Maintain a record of chapter members and meeting attendees
  • Manage the chapter’s Bullsync roster and send out timely event reminders
  • Oversee the peer mentorship program
  • Assist in recording the chapter’s history


USF PRSSA is funded by USF SG, and the treasurer will be required to attend one training session to learn how to use their system. The main job duties are:

  • Work with the President in preparing the annual budget.
  • Work with USF SG access our funds and submit the appropriate forms
  • Keep accurate financial records of all our transactions
  • Collect annual dues and assume responsibility for providing accurate information on the accompanying dues form to be forwarded to PRSSA National Headquarters on November 1 and on March 1.
  • Raise funds for the Chapter (as needed)

Art Director

Our art director works closely with the director of communications and must be able to produce deliverables for print and web on tight deadlines.  Job duties include:

  • Keep a consistent design style and reproduce it in creative and unique ways across various formats
  • Create event posters, social media graphics and other designs as needed
  • Proficiency in Adobe CS, mainly Photoshop, is required

To apply, send a resume and three samples of your work to

How to apply:

To apply, please email informing of your decision. Please include your full name and the position you’re running for. All positions are elected by a vote, so you must be prepared to give a short speech (a minute and a half at longest, elevator pitch style) to the general body at the end of the semester banquet. You must have attended at least one meeting this semester to be eligible to run for an officer position.

All elected officers will be required to attend executive board planning meetings next semester as well as general body meetings.


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