PRSSA National Conference 2015 in Atlanta!

By Taylor Evans

PRSSA National Conference – which is pretty much a four-day public relations festival – is in Atlanta this year, from Nov.6th to 10th, and the deadline to register is Oct. 2!

Last year we went to PRSSA National Conference in Washington DC and it was a once in a lifetime experience. We made connections and networked with some of the most renowned entertainment PR specialists while also touring both of the DC offices of Ketchum and Edelman. Through these tours we had the opportunity to put our resume and business cards in the hands of the head of the HR department for some of the biggest names in PR!

While there was endless opportunities to connect with peers, educators and hopeful future employers, there was also a lot of extra activities as well. Exploring the host city with new friends and your PRSSA family (no matter how cheesy that sounds) is actually an awesome experience. Learning how other students’ schools run their PR programs is a great eye-opener as well. On top of all of this – there is a Gala on the last night where awards and a great fine dining dinner are served for everyone at conference. There are socials hosted by schools at local bars and hot spots as well as just a great excuse to travel!
PRSSA National Conference 2015 is $345 to register if you are a non-member of the PRSSA National association. This registration includes everything that you will do at Conference except food and travel.

Luckily Atlanta is not too far and we are encouraging members to carpool and drive to Atlanta to save money if they would like to go! The hotel is $150 a night but if 4 people share a room it will be evenly split so that each person ONLY pays $150 for the whole 4 days.

This really is an amazing opportunity and we hope that you all are excited to join us on this trip! It really is a one-of-a-kind networking experience.

Registration and hotel fees are DUE Oct. 2nd at the latest to get the best deal!

Questions? Contact Taylor Evans ( or Megan Doherty ( – shoot them an email if you are thinking of going!


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