6 Helpful Tips From Franco Ripple

By Kyia Evans



Last week at our meeting we welcomed back Franco Ripple. He provided some helpful advice about essential PR skills. We discussed everything from writing a media advisory to video and film scripts.

Here are few helpful tips that Ripple shared with us.

Press Release

Never attach to an email always embed it. Only use as many words as you need to, when writing the press release.

Media Advisory

Send out before the press release. Should be sent at least one day before the event. Never attach it always embed it.

Subject Lines

The subject line should have when it is, what it is. Still try to make it as short as possible.


Use them to back yourself up. Only do it sparingly and when absolutely necessary because it gets reporters to click away.

Bcc Emails

Should always Bcc emails as a courtesy.

Media Lists

Make a media list with contacts for TV and news stations. Should also include phone numbers for newsroom and the emails of assignment editors.

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