Four High School Moments You Never Want To Relive (And One You Do)

By Libby Jourdan

Ah, high school.

No matter how far along you are in your college career, once you step foot on your university campus for the first time those final four years of state mandated education torture seem so distant.

Sure, call it a coping mechanism. We don’t blame you for wanting to become the psychological equivalent of a paper shredder and destroy every memory of unfortunate yearbook photos, math class mishaps and general cringe-worthy moments.

But can you truly appreciate where you are if you don’t look back on where you’ve been?

Plus, let’s face it, those yearbook photos are priceless.

So, call us masochists, but just for the fun of it, here are the four moments from high school we know you wouldn’t be caught dead reliving.


  • The Cafeteria Conundrum


We know you’ve been there. It’s finally lunch time, your tray is loaded up with an odd combination of greasy fries, potentially inedible fruits and an unidentifiable meat when suddenly, you realize you’ve got nowhere to sit. Maybe your friends have a different lunch period or you just got lost in the crowd, but either way, we’ve all had our “Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls eating alone in a bathroom stall” moment. Reexperience that? No, thank you.

  1.  The 7 a.m. Struggle

Nothing was worse than finishing up a long day of school, work, extracurricular activities, homework and something resembling a social life just to crash at 2 a.m. and have to roll out of bed a mere four hours later to make it to first period on time. Seriously – who thought of starting high school before the crack of dawn was a good idea? Have they not met a cranky teenager before? Suddenly, our 9:30 a.m. lectures don’t seem so bad after all.

  1. The “When Am I Ever Going To Use This?” Whine

If you thought filling writing intensive credits and FKLs was bad, take a quick trip down memory lane to high school. Not only were you expected to know what you wanted to do with the rest of your life in order to accurately prepare for college, but you also had to take a boatload of classes that had nothing to do with your interests. Have you ever seen a future mass comm student try to figure out pre-calculus? It’s not pretty.

  1. The Pre-College Panic

Before our days in the Zimmerman school at USF, where everything is constant sunshine and rainbows, we all had a bumpy road to get here. Between touring campuses, applying for scholarships, praying for a good SAT score and hoping you wouldn’t completely lose it, trying to set yourself up for college was easily one of the most stressful times in school, like, ever. Yeah, we’ll take trying to balance Beginning Reporting and Principles of Public Relations deadlines over that any day.

Despite the fact that high school was a definite struggle at times, we can’t deny the good memories that came with it. One of the best? Prom.
Wouldn’t it be great to relive that night? Celebrating another accomplished semester with friends, dancing the night away to potentially corny music in your classiest fashions?

As it turns out, you’re in luck.

The Walter E. Griscti chapter of PRSSA at the University of South Florida is making it our mission to recreate all of the best parts of our so-called glory days for one night only.

You hereby are cordially invited to Mass Comm Prom on November 5, 2016 at 6 p.m. in the CIS atrium. The best part? It’s 80s themed, in true #throwback style. Put on your dancing shoes, grab a date – or two – and join us for the night of your life.

Presale tickets are $7 for a single ticket or $12 for a couples’ ticket. All tickets will be $10 at the door. Proceeds directly benefit USF PRSSA, an organization that strives to aid in the development of aspiring public relations professionals. To purchase tickets, see any PRSSA executive board member or contact USF PRSSA on social media. To Purchase online please use this link.

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